PW3016 & PW3024 Vertical Heat Sealer

PW3016 & PW3024 Vertical Heat Sealer image

Tabletop vertical heat sealing with 16" or 24" long sealing bars. (Other sizes quoted upon request.) TOSS technology means direct sensing of temperature via change in resistance instead of relying on thermocouples.

OUR MOST POPULAR IMPULSE HEAT SEALER. Put this impulse heat sealer to the test. No heat sealing machine using thermocouples can even come close to its high-quality consistent, Validatable and repeatable results. Packworld machines are designed to meet FDA / GMP / NIST / ISO 11607 Validation guidelines.

This Packworld Impulse Heat Sealer is specifically designed to provide quality results and reliable performance for heat sealing of plastics and heat sealable composites in a production environment or Research & Development. The vertical feed allows the package to remain upright while being sealed.

It's ideal for materials testing and quantifying the optimum heat sealing parameters for heat seal or heat seal/cut applications. Plus it's convenient and easy to operate either manually or by foot switch.

Packworld's superior performance comes from our exclusive TOSS Technology—The Optimum Sealing System. It provides consistent and repeatable results, every time—heat seal after heat seal.

  • Data Capture with USB connection and PC Software
  • NIST traceable calibration
  • Adjustable Table for exact product placement
  • Jaw modifications for water cooling
  • High Temperature Application Set-up
  • CE Compliance
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